Founder & CEO, Frank Casano, of ACP E-Commerce (or ACP), first established use of the Section 321 Entry in the cargo environment in 1997. When he founded ACP in 2010, he knew it would revolutionize the world of parcel delivery. Today, ACP is America’s leading data technology company that specializes in the Section 321 Entry. We are a virtual express integrator that combines expertise in line haul, customs clearance and last mile delivery. Our people work every day to help our clients cross borders, connect with new partners and expand their businesses.
ACP transports our customer’s international e-commerce parcels to every US postal address. Tens of millions of parcels are delivered annually.

We are an industry-leading service provider powered by cutting edge technology that provides fast US Customs clearance, lower shipping costs and real-time tracking.

ACP has the most gateways of any service provider in the U.S.