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aircitypost crafts individual solutions based on the needs of our customers. We work with the understanding that each client is unique and therefore we set up appropriate ways in which to deliver the very best results.

We are a cost-effective hybrid shipping service that offers express delivery at postal-like pricing. Our service can be used to send any type of e-commerce merchandise or gifts, a service that is fully tracked, showing detailed end-to-end visibility. With our unique shipping solutions aircitypost clients do not have to hold stock in duplicate fulfillment centers, making it that much easier to satisfy the international e-commerce shopper. Today's shopper expects free shipping, fast shipping and easy returns, these are the guidelines that we can offer; aircitypost's hybrid shipping system has what you need.

Our service area portfolio currently covers -

ACP parcelAmerica; parcelExpedited, parcelGround, parcelPriority

ACP parcelEU

ACP parcelCanada

ACP parcelChina

aircitypost allows entry into overseas markets with very low start-up costs, contact us to find out how we can assist you with your particular needs.

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