Our Story

AirCityPost's overall mission is to provide E-tailers a cost effective method for their e-commerce parcels to be shipped internationally.


aircitypost (ACP) overall mission is to provide Ecommerce shippers with a cost-effective method for their e-commerce parcels to be shipped internationally. 

Ecommerce shippers are provided with a most efficient way to manage and track their deliveries, as well as their returns, using an effortless procedure. 

In order to accomplish this, we have created an easy-to-use, multi shipper API software platform that creates simplicity in the overall process and tracking.

The process used at aircitypost is easy to use and extremely effective in delivering to international shoppers in a timely manner. 

The Beginning

aircitypost was the brainchild of Frank Casano, a longtime respected businessman in the Freight Forward shipping world. The ever-increasing International market for Ecommerce parcels prompted Frank to build and test a business model for entry into this exciting new field. His business model worked but lacked the client IT “ease of use” integration as well as the transaction speed and accuracy to ensure success.

Frank turned to a long-time friend, Scott Masterson, whose career involved media operations as well as IT web and database expertise.

Together, in 2013, they partnered to launched aircitypost internationally. In that first year aircitypost handled 50,000 ecommerce parcels. In 2018, clients such as SF Express, 4PX, Yunexpress,360 Zebra shipped 15 million parcels utilizing aircitypost logistics.

2019 is expected to increase 30 % year over year.

Why use aircitypost?

We are a data company first which makes our web-based ecommerce shipping workflow process flexible, scalable and adaptable to our client needs.

aircitypost proprietary ecommerce shipping software was built using LAMP Platform technology. It utilizes XLM API technology making client integration fast and effortless.

Technology and the digital revolution will continue to disrupt every business and as the world becomes a smaller place more companies will have to embrace the digitization of logistics or risk being left behind. Every shipping company today is facing pressure from digitally enabled change resulting in new competitors and higher expectations from customers. The modern consumer wants a global marketplace with access to products from Asia, Europe, etc. Companies will have to reduce the cost associated with shipment and fulfillment of orders in order to remain profitable. 

aircitypost is a price leader because of our technology.


Wise businesspeople should always consider their vendor options. This is certainly true in the ever-expanding market of ecommerce.

Points to consider during this ecommerce vendor comparison are:

  1. Is the vendor’s IT platform API based? If so, are their API manuals available to your IT staff?

aircitypost API manuals are readily available at acpapi.com

  1. Can the vendor demonstrate easily to your operations staff their workflow in a web-based system?

aircitypost provides easy web based access to a Client’s staff for Shipment Pre-alerts, parcel profiles, tracking, invoices and customer service.

  1. US Customs is a major roadblock in transporting parcels from a foreign country to the United States (US).

Can the Ecommerce shipping vendor demonstrate through their web portal the status of US Customs “parcels selected for examination” in a clear concise way to the Client?

Can the Ecommerce vendor communicate easily with a US warehouse (CFS) which parcels need to be selected? If not, the entire Ecommerce shipment will be delayed.

aircitypost developed a module as part of our web based system to answer the above questions.

  1. Most of the “Last Mile” Carriers” (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL) are continuously introducing new labels and IT requirements. Does the Ecommerce vendor have access to these Carriers? If so ask to see a label produced from their system.

aircitypost has worked closely with all of these vendors and can produce labels immediately.

The Future

E-commerce is growing at astonishing rates. More customers are able to shop online from anywhere, and the number of mobile devices is climbing as well. As a result, companies are doubling down on their efforts to meet the surge in demand and across global omni-channel sales. By 2020, e-commerce will generate over $400 billion in the U.S., and the compounded annual growth rate is expected to stay at or above 10 percent over the next half-decade.

Frank’s vision of Ecommerce shipping has proven to be a big success for aircitypost. Our future has never been brighter as we are currently on-boarding three major new clients from the EU with a combined annual forecast of 10,000,000 parcels. The recent addition of Atlanta and San Francisco port of entries adds to our existing US stable of port of entries located in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas.

aircitypost welcomes the opportunity to win your business in this exciting and profitable Ecommerce market we are fortunate to be part of.